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Dear Friends,

In a time of great social upheaval, our teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan, taught that the Messenger is one who responds to “the cry of humanity.” While more and more of us today believe in his vision of love, harmony, and beauty, it is also painfully apparent that we live in a time characterized by deep divides—economic, racial, political, and religious—and find ourselves crying out: How should we respond? What should we do now?

As spiritual wayfarers, we can look for the reality “behind that which appears.” We can turn within and focus on our own development as a means of affecting change in the inner world. We can more actively engage situations in the outer world, serving others in kindness and generosity, providing a visible antidote to fear and uncertainty. Whatever our approach, most of us will turn to the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan for the guidance we need now.

As students of the Sufi path—through our studies and spiritual practice—we have developed useful tools and perspectives to aid us in such times. Indeed, we have been preparing for just this moment. Now is the time to take our inner work into the world, to positively affect change at all levels—in our families, our local communities, and the world-at-large…Read our full Fall Appeal for 2016.