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As of July 5, 2017 we have relocated our North American headquarters to Richmond, Virginia. This fall, we will open new offices in a beautiful, historic, three-story building in Richmond’s Monroe Ward and we are in the process of hiring new staff.

The four new positions most vital to our work at this time include an Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Communications Manager, and Programs Manager.

We have just hired two of the four positions: Executive Assistant and Programs Manager.

The two additional positions of Administrative Assistant/Registrar and Communications Manager will be advertised the first week of September with start dates in October.

If you have relevant skills and experience, are interested in working in a non-traditional work place, one that supports both the inner and outer life, and feel called to the advertised positions, please consider applying to work with us.

Once position descriptions are posted, please apply directly to jobs@ihpip.com. An external human resources firm is overseeing the hiring process and will confirm receipt of applications, inviting top applicants to complete a Core Values Index and interview.

The Inayati Order offers a universalist spiritual path, open to members of every religion and no religion. All are invited to apply, no matter age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or creed.