Inayati Leadership Trainings 2017

The Inayati Order leadership is made up of a worldwide community of Sufi teachers & guides, as well as organizational leadership who run local events and centers.

Leadership training is provided one-on-one, with the guidance of a more senior representative of the Order, through regular individual and group retreats, and through leadership training programs on specific themes.

This year we are offering a variety of in-person and online group trainings, including:

Inayati Leadership Training Spring 2017, March 30 – April 2, 2017 at the Abode of the Message, New Lebanon, New York. Open to all Inayati Order Coordinators and Representatives, as well as those in training. Details and registration information can be found here.

Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules ONLINE in 2017

Sarafil Bawa encourages all existing Inayati Order Leaders, and candidates for Coordinator and Representative positions to complete the Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules, offered in-person and online. Here are the ONLINE offerings for 2017 with Aqdas Newmark and Khabira Brown. Please note that the modules listed below, offered here Online, are required for appointment as an Inayati Order Coordinator or Representative. You are warmly invited to this course of study.

March 4-5 Inayati Order Leadership Training Module: Breath with Khabira Brown and Aqdas Newmark
May 6- 7 Inayati Order Leadership Training Module: Concentration with Aqdas
July 29-30 Inayati Order Leadership Training Module: Contemplation with Aqdas
Oct. 28-29 Inayati Order Leadership Training Module: Meditation with Aqdas
Feb 2018 Inayati Order Leadership Training Module: Guidance with Aqdas (Date TBD)

Hours and fee: 12 – 8 PM EST (9 AM -5 PM PT) , Saturday and Sunday. $125 Early registration up to 1 month prior to event; $150. thereafter. Payment by Paypal or check.

Each of the Modules is taught via Skype. You may attend alone or share a computer with a registered friend. Open to all Inayati Order Leaders and leaders-in-training, all Inayati Order Concentrations’ Leadership, Retreat Guides, and advanced mureeds with their guide’s permission. The Federation of the Sufi Message Inayati branches’ leadership or those in training are also welcome. Each weekend is full with teachings, practices, meditations, and includes dyads, sobhet, questions and answers.

For more information about Online LT Modules, please contact Aqdas Newmark at

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