Inayati Order Staff

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Jennifer Alia Wittman
Executive Director


Jennifer Alia Wittman has been a leader in the Inayati Order for over 20 years and has an extensive background founding, stabilizing, growing and advancing nonprofit organizations. Initiated by Amida Cary in 1996, she soon began to serve as a youth leader in the Order. A member of the Board of the Inayati Order from 2001–2006, she was a graduate of the first class of Suluk Academy (Kafur) in 2007.

Prior to her work with the Inayati Order, Alia was extensively involved in the youth service movement, being appointed to numerous state commissions and national projects. In the 1990s, Alia was a young leader in the National Service movement, helping to establish AmeriCorps in Maryland. In 1998, she was hired to be the Executive Director of Hands On Baltimore, a volunteer organization dedicated to working with every segment of Baltimore’s community, from grassroots organizers to corporate leadership.

After years of such service, Alia was guided to work with the Inayati Order. In 2002, she took over as General Manager of Omega Publications (now Suluk Press), the publishing arm of the Inayati Order. In 2006, Alia co-founded and became the first Executive Director of Seven Pillars House of Wisdom, promoting sustainable ecological systems and the inner life, as well as cross-cultural and interspiritual understanding.

In 2014, Alia took over as Interim Manager of the Inayati Order–North America and the Abode of the Message, before being hired solely as Executive Director of the Inayati Order in the fall of 2015.


Kenneth Sparks
Executive Assistant

Kenneth Sparks is a seasoned professional, with over 20 years of administrative, human resources, and operations experience. He has worked with corporations, nonprofits, and small business on many levels. Kenneth has had extensive training in customer service, logistics, and time management. He has used this training to play a key role in supporting organizational growth and success in his past positions. Kenneth was born and raised in New York City, and received his education in Business Administration. He and his family have been residents of Virginia since early 2016. Kenneth is excited to bring his skills and experience to the Inayati Order here in Richmond.


Muhasaba Molly Wender
Programs Manager

Muhasaba Molly Wender has been an Inayati Order initiate for 15 years, and a Representative, Guide, and Center Leader in Atlanta, GA, for the past several years. She was ordained as Cheraga (Minister of the Universal Worship Service) by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan in 2008, and is also a Healing Conductor and Retreat Guide. Professionally, she is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and has more than 20 years of experience in administrative roles. Her past volunteer work includes being President and Reunion Chair for her Dartmouth class, and providing Reiki and Reflexology to persons affected by HIV/AIDS.


Khawar Alidost
Administrative Assistant

Khawar Alidost has a strong background in office management and customer service. In her previous position, she served as Administrative Assistant at Stratford University where she is completing a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Administration. Khawar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and speaks a variety of languages, including Persian-Dari, Urdu and Hindi. She and her family are refugees from Afghanistan, relocated by the United Nations to Richmond fifteen years ago. Khawar has a passion for religion, philosophy, and history, and is delighted to be working in an environment that allows her to explore these interests.