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Dear Friends,

We want you to be part of this critical and exciting moment in the history of our order. The Inayati Order is at a threshold in its purpose to spread the unity of religious ideals and to awaken humanity to the divinity within, as expressed by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Sufis have created gathering spaces all over the world, filled with baraka, where seekers receive teachings, converse with beloved friends over a glass of tea, write poems, play music, share in zikr practices, or whirl in ecstasy. In 1922, Hazrat Inayat Khan created such a space, which still exists almost one hundred years later, and named it Fazal Manzil, or “blessed house.” In 1975, Pir Vilayat created such a space at the Abode of the Message, where seekers, nestled in the woods, can still immerse in “the holy book of nature”… Read more

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